Mayor reflects on his first 100 days

Mayor Greg Fischer
Mayor Greg Fischer

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - 100 days ago Mayor Greg Fischer took office, and he didn't have much time to adjust before he got down to business. So far, he's secured millions for a major construction project, settled two lawsuits the city's battled for years, on top of facing a faulty communication system amid tornadoes.

Fischer was all smiles at a press conference, pausing to celebrate his successes, which include slashing half a billion dollars off the Ohio River Bridges project. Part of this comes from securing funding for the Big Four pedestrian bridge

"When that's completed, that's going to be one of the signature locations amongst all of Louisville," said Fischer.

He has also been dealing with a major construction hold-up in the Iron Quarter, where old abandoned buildings still stand. Still he hopes to have a decision early next month.

"To put together a deal in 90 days alternatively, especially for government, it's moving relatively rapidly, but we're working on it multiple hours every day," said Fischer.

WAVE 3 asked about one of the communication breakdowns his administration has already faced after the deadly chemical explosion at Carbide Industries. Lack of communication resulted in confused residents and a false alarm by the Louisville Metro Police Department alerting residents to seek shelter. Fischer says they're hoping to buy a new system that would go live this Summer.

"We can proactively reach out via phone, text, and e-mail," said Fischer.

WAVE 3 has followed an investigation into Metro Councilmember Judy Green's possible ethics violations for months. The Mayor said he's waiting for her to go through the process.

"Let's see what all the facts that come into play are then once that's all out on the table the decision should be made, but I think it's premature for me or anybody to comment on that," said Fischer.

The Mayor says the next tough challenge is coming up with a budget. The city is facing a $22 million budget gap with a $500 million general fund. There have been five public meetings and employees have given their feedback. He wouldn't go into any specifics, but plans to announce it to Metro Council by the end of May, if not sooner.

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