Historical Mt. Washington Cemetery is trying to stay afloat

Showalter Cemetery in Mt. Washington
Showalter Cemetery in Mt. Washington
Jane Moore
Jane Moore
Bobby Darnell
Bobby Darnell

MT. WASHINGTON, KY (WAVE) - Heavy rain soaked parts of Kentuckiana Tuesday. Water levels at the Salt River in Bullitt County have risen several feet. There is also a historical spot that is trying to say afloat off of Highway 44 in Mt. Washington.

"It's a lot of water," said Mt. Washington resident, Jane Moore.

Moore says the Showalter Cemetery isn't getting the respect it deserves from mother nature.

"That looks terrible," said Moore.

"It's the oldest cemetery in Mt. Washington," said Bobby Darnell, a Mt. Washington resident. "A lot of the founding fathers are actually buried here."

The cemetery is something Darnell knows all about.

"There is only a couple of stones, lot have been knocked over with time, they've disappeared," said Darnell, who considers himself somewhat of a history buff. "Some of these people buried here probably were born in the late 1700s."

Just like history repeating itself, Darnell says the Showalter Cemetery floods over and over again

"It's pretty usual when we have a significant rain, it's at least halfway every time it does," said Darnell.

While most people would probably never even notice these headstones, for Darnell it's personal.

"I actually know about a lot of these people so, it kinda hurts," said Darnell.

"I don't think it hurts them because the lord takes care of that," said Moore.

Darnell just hopes they can eventually rest in peace.

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