First responders say Baumia admitted to drinking

Angela Baumia
Angela Baumia
Ofc. Buddy Van Cleave
Ofc. Buddy Van Cleave

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Witnesses testified about the disturbing details moments after a crash that killed a Louisville child. The boy was lying in a pool of blood and several people said the driver smelled like alcohol.

This was the second day of Angela Baumia's murder trial after police say she hit and killed 11-year-old Dylan Geitgey. She's facing seven charges that include criminal mischief, drinking and driving, and disregarding a stop sign.

It's not uncommon for children to ride bikes in the Fincastle neighborhood where Dylan lived, but a neighbor recalls seeing a car going fast.

"I observed a car going through there very fast, then I heard a collision, then I heard a siren, and I got word that a child had got hit," said a neighbor.

That woman lives down the street from where Dylan was hit. Gilbert Robbins was also there and found the 11-year-old laying on the ground bleeding.

"He wasn't breathing at all," said Robbins crying on the stand. "We couldn't do anything to help him out. All we could do was pray.

LMPD Sgt. Chip Howell was the first to respond.

"He had a pulse the entire time," said Howell. "It grew fainter and he was taking short gasping breaths."

Howell identified Baumia as the woman at the scene.

"She smelled of alcohol," said Howell. "Her eyes were a little glassy. She didn't want to talk to me."

The defense fired back, saying other things could have those effects, like a head injury.

LMPD Ofc. Buddy Van Cleave was one of three first responders who testified they heard her say she was drinking.

"She said she had a couple of mixed drinks and a beer or a couple beers or something like that," said Van Cleave. "I don't remember the whole quantity. She just stated she was over at her father's house at a party."

The prosecution will continue calling witnesses Thursday.

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