Copper thieves strike local food bank

Annette Ball
Annette Ball
Bob Bracy
Bob Bracy

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A copper snatching thief has struck at a Louisville food bank. Officials at the Dare To Care Food Bank were shocked to find out that someone destroyed one of their exterior cooling units that used every day to help store food. Now, workers are trying to figure out who would dare steal from them.

"Last night our compressor was taken from our freezer unit," said Annette Ball, Dare to Care food bank programs director.

Someone tore apart a huge unit just to get to something very small.

"Looks like the copper was taken out of this unit," said Ball. "It is worth about $500 on the market now."

The freezer at the Dare to Care Food Bank holds 250,000 pounds of food.

"Probably a value of a half-a-million to a million dollars," said Ball. "Very important protein source, it's hard for food banks to get protein."

Luckily, the food isn't at risk. But the food bank's budget is going to suffer.

"Our unit that is running is being taxed so we are working on getting it replaced," said Ball. "It's gonna be a cost of about $20,000."

It's money Bob Bracy with the National Association of Letter Carriers knows the Food Bank doesn't have to spare.

"It's just devastating with what happened to them," said Bracy, who with the NALC works to collect items for the food bank.

"Why would people stoop to that level when the need is so great right now," said Bracy.

He knows that whoever stole from the food bank was probably in need themselves..

"It's really heart breaking to know that money that will have to be spent on that could be going to feeding our community," said Ball. "That will be about 80,000 meals going out to our community."

"They are there for the community, they support anybody," said Bracy. "They don't say no to anybody for someone to come and take that, that's heartless."

If there is any risk to the frozen food, Kroger has agreed to help out to get the food stored. Dare to Care also says they are looking into installing some sort of security camera outside.

Louisville Metro Police are investigating, but don't have any suspects as of now. If you have any information, call the LMPD Crime Tip Line at 574-LMPD (5673). All calls to the Crime Tip Line are anonymous.

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