Condiment crime sends Louisville man to jail

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – They are meant to be a delicious dip or even used as a saucy side, but one Louisville man took his use of condiments to the extreme. Metro Police say 47-year-old Paul Kaemerer got a little too bold on the morning of April 14 at a downtown Louisville McDonald's.

An arrest document says Kaemerer started things off by going to the McDonald's at 207 West Broadway just before 3:00 a.m. Management noticed Kaemerer loitering in the parking lot, and asked him to leave; but that wasn't enough. Kaemerer apparently returned and decided to urinate all over the property, and then took things a step further.

The arrest document says Kaemerer got saucy, literally, turning to packets of things like ketchup and mustard to continue his rampage. Documents say Kaemerer smeared condiments all over employees' vehicles, before police were called to the scene.

Kaemerer was arrested, initially charged with criminal trespassing.

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