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Bomb-making materials found in Meade County home

James Nott (Source: Meade County Detention Center) James Nott (Source: Meade County Detention Center)

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BRANDENBURG, KY (WAVE) - A Meade County man is facing federal charges after police found some very suspicious items in his home.

Meade County Sheriff Butch Kerrick says he is relieved this was all found before something really bad happened.

"He had everything there," said Kerrick. "It was just a matter of putting it together."

Pipes, powders, fuses, and hand grenades all were found in 28-year-old James Nott's Flaherty home, but how authorities discovered these bomb-making items started with a traffic stop.

"What caused him to be stopped was he had bright lights on, the deputy blinked his lights several times, he failed to dim them," said Kerrick.

So a Meade County Deputy pulled Nott over, and by chance, Nott stopped in his own driveway.

The sheriff says it was clear Nott had been drinking, and during his arrest Nott said he had weapons of mass destruction in his home.

After spending a night in jail on traffic charges, his story didn't change.

"As part of the questioning, he relates to them, and he is sober at this time, that he does have materials to make bombs, grenades, and stuff like that," said Kerrick.

On April 14, state police and the feds searched his home as neighbors watched.

"They were just bringing stuff out of the house in boxes, bags," said Ethan Bates who lives nearby.

Ben McClure lives next door and knew Nott from high school. "He's a loner, kind of by himself a lot," said McClure.

For now the news is just too close for comfort. "It's really scary," said McClure. "My kids live here, other kids live here. We play out in the backyard, not even 50 feet from him. It just makes you think."

"I want to move now, I'm moving next month, but I want to move now," said Bates. "I don't like that at all."

Nott was charged with DUI and carrying a concealed deadly weapon, in addition to several traffic charges. Nott is currently being held in the  Meade County Jail, but will soon be transferred to federal custody.

Authorities say Nott has not said what his plans were with the potential explosives.

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