Jurors set to decide verdict in drunk driving murder trial

Angela Baumia
Angela Baumia

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Monday morning jurors will start deliberating in the drunk driving trial of a Louisville woman charged with murder. Angela Baumia's trial so far has been emotional and graphic as jurors hear every detail about the night an 11-year-old boy was hit and killed.

Baumia admits she was at a party and drinking the night she hit and killed 11-year-old Dylan Geitgey, but she says she's not guilty of murder calling the crash a horrible accident.

Now it's up for jurors to decide just how convincing she was as she told her story on the stand.

"I was drinking up until I left. I had the beer bottle with me when I left," Baumia said.

Baumia is charged with murder for hitting and killing 11-year-old Dylan Geitgey. Geitgey was riding his bike with his friends in his family's east end neighborhood. On the stand, Baumia said she was sorry.

Baumia said she swerved to avoid hitting another boy on a bike and at the time of the crash her boyfriend was hitting her.

"You told the doctors you didn't have any problems with Cedric or any abuse problems? When did your story change? Before or after you hired an attorney and got all the Commonwealth evidence and discovery?" Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Leland Hulbert asked Baumia.

Both sides are set to make their closing arguments Monday morning. Then the jury will start deciding the case. They could convict her of murder, a lesser charge, or find her not guilty.

WAVE 3 will be in the courtroom and have the verdict just as soon as one is reached.