Said Biyad trial begins with graphic testimony

Said Biyad
Said Biyad

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Four and half years after the brutal killings of his four children, a Somali man's murder trial is finally underway. On April 18, Said Biyad's murder trial started off graphic and disturbing.

What happened on October 6, 2006 was hard to comprehend. A unit at Iroquois Homes was surrounded by crime scene tape. Police say the bodies of Biyad's four children, Goshany, Khadija, Fatuma, and Sidi Ali, ages 2 through 8, were found with their throats slit. Police say Biyad's wife, Fatuma Amir, was also raped and assaulted.

In court, a calm Said Biyad was surrounded by interpreters. Calm is exactly how police described him when he walked into Louisville Metro Police headquarters and told detectives he killed his four children.

"He kept making motions to his neck that I (Biyad) cut their throat," said Det. Matt Monfort. "I said are they dead? He said yes."

Monday, Several LMPD officers and detectives testified about what they saw and their conversations with Biyad on Oct. 6, 2006. Evidence was also displayed, including the knife prosecution says Biyad used to kill his children.

When Biyad turned himself into Metro Police, he told detectives that he was having marital issues.

"He was coming into town to visit his wife," said Det. Monfort. "Upset that he keeps giving the elders money to see his wife, but his wife was having a secret marriage. He was tired of it and it sounded like to me his family was his possession."

It was the horrifying 911 call from Biyad's wife that left the courtroom shaken. While many in the courtroom choked back their emotions, Biyad never seemed to show any.

Biyad's attorney Mike Lemke told the courtroom that Biyad suffers psychosis. Biyad did speak up twice in the courtroom, objecting to testimony that two witnesses gave.

Biyad is not eligible for the death penalty. If convicted, he could get a life sentence. Biyad's trial is a bench trial, meaning there is no jury and Judge James Shake will decide Biyad's fate. Both sides will be back in the courtroom Wednesday.

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