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Gruesome details emerging in murder case where fetus was ripped from mother's womb

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BOWLING GREEN, KY (WAVE) - The Butler County woman accused of killing a pregnant Bowling Green woman and stealing her unborn baby faced a judge April 19 to answer to murder charges. 33-year-old Kathy Coy of Morgantown is accused of killing 21-year-old Jamie Stice and stealing her unborn baby boy.

We want to warn you the following details will be disturbing for most.

During today's probable cause hearing, Detective Chad Winn of Kentucky State Police testified that Coy had suffered a miscarriage, but continued to pretend she was pregnant. Winn said last Wednesday Coy showed up to her friend's house with a baby boy claiming she just gave birth.

"I just had the baby, it's here," Winn testified. "She advised that Ms. Coy had no pants on and she was sitting on the placenta and female organs and holding the baby in her hands."

According to testimony, Coy was then transported from Butler County by EMS to The Medical Center in Bowling Green. Coy had Stice's uterus, ovaries and placenta with her.

Det. Winn testified Coy told police that she told her daughter that she was going to kidnap a baby causing her daughter to cry. Coy then told her daughter she was kidding. Coy also said she asked her son to help her commit the murder. He told her no.

Police say Coy used a stun gun on Stice, then slit her throat and wrists. Coy then disemboweled Stice and took out her baby. Stice was found face down with her wrists tied.

During the testimony, Stice's family was seen running out of the courtroom.

The defense did not asking any question during the hearing citing the mental health of Coy, saying there should be no testimony because of her mental health problems.

It's a defense Stice's friends aren't buying. "If she was mentally incompetent she wouldn't have been able to give in detail everything that she was able to give," said Alyshia Cardwell, friend of victim. "I don't know what they are going to give her, but Kathy Coy needs to be punished."

The case has been sent to the grand jury. 

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