High gas prices tough for drivers and their clients

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Both Indiana and Kentucky's gas prices are higher than $3.82, which is the national average according to gasbuddy.com. It's tough for people trying to get to and from work and school. It's also adding an extra bourdon for those who drive for a living and their clients.

Philip Lassman is a Mets fan. He was born in the city run by taxis, but now calls Louisville his home and navigating its landscape his business.

"I've built up a good business," said Lassman. "I have 60 percent regular passengers and repeat passengers."

Lassman works for Orange Cab/Green Cab. His gas is tax deductible, but he pays for it himself, and the rising cost is hitting him hard.

"When it was $3.20, $3.30 I had no problem going in at a quarter tank and filling up, but when business is slow and gas is up there--no it's gotta be in smaller increments," said Lassman. "It's the only way to keep myself financially sound."

He is, however, making more money per trip, but he doesn't determine how much.

The city regulates taxis. He can charge $4.70 for starting the meter and the first mile plus $2.25 for each additional mile. When the gas was around $3.20, the base ride was $4.20 and only $2.05 for each additional mile.

As the price continues to rise, Lassman can't do anything but wait. Thursday morning he parked his car in the Galt House taxi line for three hours.

"So far I haven't made a penny today," said Lassman.

He filled up part of his tank to start Thursday morning.

"I've also found earlier in the week, a Tuesday is a good day to fill-up," said Lassman. "Closer to the weekend it goes up again."

Gasbuddy.com estimates the price of gas in Louisville is 3.89 and rising.

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