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Said Biyad guilty of murders of kids, rape of wife

Said Biyad Said Biyad

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - After deliberating for about 20 minutes, Judge James Shake found Said Biyad guilty of four counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, one count of assault in the second degree, one count of rape and three counts of tampering with physical evidence.

Biyad has been behind bars since the October 6, 2006 deaths of his four children in the Iroquois Homes apartment where his wife lived.

His wife said on the stand earlier in the week that Biyad became enraged when she got home from work, beat and raped her until passed out and then killed his children. 

All four kids had their throats cut and Biyad's oldest son also was hit in the head.

"I can't imagine a more horrific act of domestic violence than those committed in this case," Judge Shake said.

Biyad took the stand in his own defense earlier Friday.  He told Judge Shake that three men broke into his house and demanded millions of dollars.  Biyad said he went to tell his wife what was happening and they started arguing.  He said the men killed the children.

"She started shouting, you know, yelling at me and cussing me," Biyad said through a translator. "while we both do that, and then those guys went in the rooms which those, our children were sleeping. They start, you know, harming, especially cutting their throat."

Biyad added from the stand that one of the men went with him to LMPD headquarters.

"Before I entered the police station, he told me, he said, 'hey, you better not say something about us,'" Biyad said. "'Don't say something about us otherwise you're going to get killed. I work for the government. Do you know me? I'm FBI.'"

Biyad's attorneys argued in their closing arguments that while their client may have maintained he didn't kill his children, there was little doubt he did.  His lawyers said, however, Biyad was plagued by delusions for years and did not have the ability to control his actions or conform to the law. 

"What happened to those four children on October 6, 2006 can only be described as the actions of an insane person," said defense attorney Ray Clooney.

They urged Judge Shake to find him not guilty because of mental illness.

The Commonwealth's Attorney's office argued Biyad told the truth when he confessed to LMPD hours after his kids were killed.  They said he only fabricated the more outlandish details of his story to protect himself.

"What I hope for those four children is that the short time that they were here ... was that they lived an amazing American dream," said Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Christie Foster.

Judge Shake set a sentencing date of June 6 at 9:15.  The harshest sentence Biyad will face is life in prison.

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