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Family of man shot and killed by a Bullitt Co deputy speaks out

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Nannie Roten Nannie Roten
Linda Roten Linda Roten

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HILLVIEW, KY (WAVE) – Kentucky State Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in northern Bullitt County that has left an elderly man dead. It happened around 1:30 on Dublin Circle in Hillview.

The family says 78-year-old Arlie Roten had cancer and ever since a surgery three years ago, he seemed to be angry at the world. 

On Friday afternoon, it was not the first time Bullitt County deputies stopped by the Roten home.

Nannie Roten had been married to Arlie Roten for nearly 50 years. She says the relationship was rocky.

"It's been bad, I took a lot of it because of the kids," said Nannie.

On April 22, Nannie and her two daughters were just hanging out at home.

"My dad come in there and he started hollering at my mother, and my mother told him to go in the living room and leave us alone, we wasn't bothering him," said Linda Roten, Arlie's daughter.

They say that's when he got angry. "Well he was trying to fight me with a cane," said Nannie. "Cheryl my daughter, she jumped in on it whenever he was trying to hit me and he fell on the floor and boy he got up hoppin' mad, he said I'm getting my gun, and he went and got the shot gun."

Kentucky State Police say when deputies arrived, they were confronted by the armed 78-year-old man. When he was told to drop the weapon and didn't, that's when officers fired.

"They have to do what they have to do," said Linda.

Domestic violence is no stranger to this family. Linda Roten lost her daughter, April O'Donnel back in August.

"She was only 21 and she's got a little boy, he's three," said Linda.

Police say she was killed by her husband at the In-town Suites on Hurtsbourne Parkway.

Now another family member is gone, and it's an ending to a long marriage that seemed to run its course. "I really have mixed feelings right now," said Nannie. "It will probably hit me later on I guess. He has aggravated me from the time he's had surgery. He has just aggravated me to death."

Kentucky State Police are investigating this case. The deputy involved was not hurt, and will likely be put on paid administrative leave.

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