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Lebanon Junction prepares for flooding

Rolling Fork River Rolling Fork River
Wayne Fenley Wayne Fenley
Mayor Butch Sweat Mayor Butch Sweat

LEBANON JUNCTION, KY (WAVE) – Bullitt County is keeping a close eye on future forecasts as cities like Lebanon Junction prepares for the worst. Due to high water, a flood gate has been put up on Railroad Avenue prompting folks to take precautions of their own.

"I've been through three, and it looks like this is going to be number four," said Wayne Fenley, Lebanon Junction resident.

Fenley has lived in Lebanon Junction since 1978. He's dealt with his share of floods, so he knows how to prepare. "Evacuating the lower part of the building, getting anything that's heavy and bulky out of here," said Fenley.

All while hoping, the rain forecasts are wrong.

"I'll walk up to the house and you look at the top of my head and that's how high the water was," said Fenley. That was in 1997, a year that is on a lot of minds.

"A lot of people are starting to panic," said Mayor Butch Sweat.

Sweat says two eight inch pumps will be in place by Tuesday. "They'll pump 3000 gallons of water per minute and we hope to hold our own on this side so it won't affect any homes," said Sweat.

Rolling Fork River is still about 13 feet below the bridge, but many know how quickly that can change.

"If it keeps raining the river will keep coming on up so we are just trying to prepare for it," said Sweat.

"If we miss it and something drops on us, five, six, seven inches of rain in the next several days, we'll probably have some issues," said Mike Phillips, Director of Bullitt County Emergency Services.

As for Fenley, while he is prepared, he's hoping it's better safe than sorry.

"I hope I never see it again," said Fenley. "I'm getting too old for this stuff."

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