Hearing against Councilwoman Judy Green wraps up

Judy Green
Judy Green
Ray Barker Senior
Ray Barker Senior

By Marisela Burgos - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Metro Ethics commission met, this afternoon, for a hearing that looked into a complaint filed against Metro Councilwoman Judy Green. Green is accused of misusing grant money and hiring family members.

The commission initially thought the hearing could take two days, but it wrapped up in one, after only a limited number of witnesses were called to testify.

Ray Barker Senior, who at one-time was Green's political rival, filed the complaint against her, after an internal Metro audit state there was not enough documentation, proving how the Green Clean Team spent grant money. Green set-up the program. The audit stated the Green Clean Team received $35,000 of grant funding. The audit said Green's husband became the program manager and that he was paid more than his contract stated. The audit stated Green should have requested an opinion from the Metro Ethics Commission of a potential conflict of interest.

On Thursday, Green testified that she made sure her colleagues on the Metro Council knew her adoptive and foster kids were going to be involved in the summer youth program.

Question: "Did you supervise your kids"?

Green: "No".

Question: "Did you give them preference?"

Green responded: "No".

Green said she set up the program to do good in the community. She said she did not do anything at the expense of the other kids enrolled in the program. She said her intention was not to do anything unethical.

According to testimony, some Green Clean Team children received as little as $20 and that some people received as much as $400. Green said it depended on how many days people worked. Green said their stipend was $15 a day. She said the $400 would have been a supervisor's salary.

Life Institute Inc. CEO, Eddie Woods, was asked to testify. He said he entered into an agreement with Green and, ultimately, with the Metro Council when Operation Hope Clean Team applied for a grant and received it for $55,000. Twenty thousand was for Operation Hope and the remainder $35,000 was for the Green Clean Team. Woods said he expected more from the program. He said he did not oversee the program and added keeping track of payroll -initially- was supposed to be done using time sheets.

A few more witnesses were called to the stand, Thursday. Since the hearing was completed in one day, the hearing officer has about 15 days to give the Metro Ethics Commission an opinion. After that, the commission has up to 10 days to come back with a decision.

The Metro Ethics Commission will hear the second complaint filed against Green during a second hearing. It has been scheduled for mid-May. The second complaint questioned Green's involvement with "100 Black Men of Louisville". The complaint stated Green, redirected money that was supposed to go to the group to other organizations without approval from the council.

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