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Utica residents start flood clean up

Sandra Martin Sandra Martin

UTICA, IN (WAVE) – Many who live along the Ohio River say, they couldn't imagine being anywhere else, even the flooding doesn't push them away.

For 30 years, Sandra Martin has called her river-front house, home.

"This is the price you pay to live on the river," said Martin.

This spring isn't the first time she's dealt with flooding. "In 1997 a tree actually went through a window and there was quite a bit of damage," said Martin.

Back then flood waters reached the second story of her home, although the river is not as high this time around, it's still concerning. The Martins ended up moving everything out of the first floor, including the bathroom toilet and sink.

"We took everything that we could," said Martin. "You just know that it is coming up, and you don't know what kind of damage you are going to have."

Martin says they got three inches of standing water in their first floor, something she is very thankful for because she was expecting three to four feet.

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