Kentuckiana volunteers helping the recovery effort in Alabama

Coy Webb of Kentucky Baptist Convention
Coy Webb of Kentucky Baptist Convention

Posted by Amy Kelch - email

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WAVE) - Scores of volunteers are helping in the aftermath of the recent powerful storms in Alabama. Some of those heading to the front lines are from Kentuckiana. Five teams are in Alabama as of May 2 and four more should be there by May 3. This adds up to 80 Kentuckiana-area folks helping with the relief.

"They're going to be doing chainsaw work," said Coy Webb of Kentucky Baptist Convention, "clearing trees from homes, as well as roadways and other affected areas. We also have two mobile shower units that they requested on the ground. Those are being used for volunteers, but also for victims because much of the area is still without power."

The Kentucky Baptist Convention (KBC) is part of the Southern Baptist Convention, one of the largest disaster relief agencies. In fact, more than a dozen Kentucky volunteers are also helping with the flooding in West Point.

"They're actually cleaning out homes," said Webb. "The flood waters and mud waters were in the homes and they're mucking that out and pressure washing."

The numbers are just a drop in the bucket compared to KBC'S 8,000 volunteers, who are all glued to the forecast and hoping Mother Nature eases her grip.

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