U.S. Army Corps Engineers watching Taylorsville Lake closely

TAYLORSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are watching the Taylorsville Lake Dam closely. As of Wednesday evening, the water had reached the spillway, but had not flowed through it.

Colonel Keith Landry says the dam is working the way it was designed to. It was built by 1983. This is the first time in its history, engineers started a release at the dam.

"When the lake says it's got a little too much water, it'll put the water in the spillway," Colonel Landry said.

Landry says there is a possibility this situation could affect people who live downstream." But at the rate that you're seeing water rise here, I don't anticipate any affects downstream out here in Taylorsville," he said.

Landry says if the dam wasn't in place in the first place, things could be worse.

"You're seeing historic levels of water in the Ohio and upper Mississippi, but you're not hearing about historic levels of flooding," Landry said.

In Bullitt County, officials are watching the Salt River. Bullitt County Emergency Management Deputy Director Mike Riordan says the river is up 37 feet, but that it isn't as high as last week. Part of two streets were closed because of minor flooding. Riordan says, at this point, they are not worried about flooding downstream from the Taylorsville Lake Dam.

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