Six-year-old girl hit by BB gun

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Louisville Metro Police are investigating a  shooting that happened around 2:10 p.m. which involved a six-year-old child in the 1700 block of Dumesnil Street. According to police, someone shot that little girl with a BB gun, striking her in the foot and torso. She was taken to University Hospital for treatment.

"I heard a big boom from over there on the side of the house," said DJ Waters, who was mowing his lawn two doors down. "Then you heard pieces flying and the little girl was standing beside the car fell out and her mother took her in the house. That's when the ambulance and police showed up."

Neighbors say they thought it was a pipe bomb and felt what they thought was glass hit nearby cars and their home.

"From my experience, I blew up frozen ice and everything and that's what it looked like when it blew up," said neighbor George Cannon. "But it sounded like a shotgun blast."

Officer Carey Klain, a LMPD spokesperson for the Louisville Metro Police Department , says they already have a person of interest, but haven't released a name.

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