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Vandals target school baseball field causing thousands of dollars in damage

Coach Dave Penick Coach Dave Penick

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A baseball field at a Farnsley Middle School is vandalized for the fifth time in just as many years.

"It is our field," said Coach David Penick. "Whenever we have a loss here it's kind of devastating to the program."

Coach Penick is not talking about losing a baseball game. "We've probably had about $50,000 worth of vandalism in the past five years," said Penick.

Sometime over the weekend, vandals targeted Farnsley Middle School's baseball field, Penick says they cut through gates, and drove through with four-wheelers.

"They took hammers and crowbars to pry open the storage room doors and emptied out some tools, some equipment me use for the field.

Coach Penick says their program is not funded by the school system. Through donations and hard work, they built the dug outs and created the field.

"It's just frustrating to know that your kids, parents, and coaches have worked so hard to build this facility," said Penick.

For the players it's still hard to understand.

"It's heartbreaking," said Bailey Poindexter, 7th grade baseball player. "Who would do that to our field? We work like every day to fix our field up and somebody is going to come out here and trash it."

"They even stole our drinks and stuff that we buy with our own money and that we fund raise," said Jeremy Bickett, 7th grade baseball player.

Penick estimates the total damages from this latest burglary to be around $5,000.  

Coach Penick says the timing of this incident make it even worse because they are getting ready to host post-season games Saturday.

The Farnsley baseball teams will sell concessions to fund raise and hopefully recoup some of their loss.

If you have any information about this crime please call JCPS Security and Investigations unit at 502-485-3121.

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