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Motorists angry over soaring gas prices

Michael Dudley (right) Michael Dudley (right)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – $4.29- that's how high gas soared in some areas of Kentuckiana. Tuesday's spike has some motorists taking matters into their own hands. 

"These gas prices are extremely ridiculous," said William Dudley- who is on a mission. "I just think with people struggling the way they are today it is a shame."

On Tuesday night, after a major spike he decided he couldn't stay quiet any longer. "If you are going to buy for $5 they are going to charge you $5," said Dudley.

He went to several stations, passed out news articles and talked with motorists at the pumps.

"As soon as the barrel of oil goes up, the prices at the pump go up, but as soon as the barrel goes down, it takes days and days for the price to hit at the pump," said Dudley.

Dudley hopes the more people with a voice, the more changes will come. "The less people that are informed and just pulling up and getting gas and going, they are going to keep ripping us off."

College student Shawn Eversold has already been defeated by the high prices. He says he was forced to sell his car a few weeks ago.

"My car was sucking my money up," said Eversold.

Even though many may not know exactly why the prices soar, they are definitely paying attention.

$3.78 a gallon is not usually a price that gets people excited, but on Tuesday folks lined up at Marathon on Fern Valley Road, cashing in on what seemed to be a bargain.

"You have to wonder what really is being done about it," said Tejuana Childs as she topped off her gas tank.

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