Father calls dead 14-year-old son the "shining light"

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The father of the 14-year-old boy killed near his home says he doesn't know much, but knows for a fact his son wasn't alone. Police are investigating this as a homicide, but other than that, the boy's father doesn't know what happened to his son and just wants answers.

"I was always hoping that I would always be able to be there to protect my child, and I couldn't," said Terry Zwicker, father of the victim.

Students at Liberty High School found 14-year-old Terrence "Trey" Zwicker's body on Wednesday afternoon behind the school.

"He was the shining light," said Zwicker. "We were always involved in something. It had been raining for the last two weeks and I promised him this weekend I would take him fishing."

His father last saw him Sunday night. He was spending the next few days at his mother's house.

"I was pretty busy this week," said Zwicker shaking his head and starting to cry. "I just didn't have the time to talk to him. I didn't take the time to text."

Since the death of his only son, Zwicker stumbled upon a paper Trey wrote, ironically about a another 14-year-old boy murdered.

"He was proud of it," said Zwicker tearing up. "He said dad I got a 200. It was laying on his desk and when I picked it up, the first line broke me. The power that was in just that first line.

The paper began: "The world is full of pivotal moments. A pivotal moment is an event that changes the way we see the world."

"It's not a far cry from where he was at and what happened to him," said Zwicker. "Except the only thing I know right now is where his body was found. I don't know anything. I just want to know."

The coroner was scheduled to release the boy's body to Zwicker Friday. Trey leaves behind parents, grandparents, and two younger sisters

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