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Sting of flooding still lingers for riverside businesses

Cunningham's Cunningham's
Brent George Brent George
Captain's Quarters Captain's Quarters
Andrew Masterson Andrew Masterson

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Weeks after the Ohio River seemed to take a deep breath and swallow many riverside homes and businesses, they are still feeling the effects of the flooding. City crews were still working Monday morning removing layers of thick mud coating much of Cox Park on River Road. Nearly, the Shell gas station sits empty.

"It's devastating for us," said Brent George, the owner of Cunningham's Creekside, a bit further down the road in Harrods Creek.

Crews have their work cut out for them.

"The water came up nearly 3 ½ feet in the dining room and a little over four feet in the kitchen," George said.

George said they had to replace many interior walls and kitchen equipment in the restaurant.

"We really didn't think the water was going to come that high until the last moment," said George. "We had less than 24 hours to evacuate."

Cunningham's has been closed for three weeks. The restaurant has lost thousands of dollars in revenue and dozens of employees haven't worked since the river started rising last month.

"This is their livelihood," George said. "From an owner perspective, my customers, of course are important, but I just ... the fact that my employees are now off and waiting to come back, anxious to come back."

At Captain's Quarters, the water got as high as six feet in some places inside. Employees finally returned to work last week.

"It couldn't have happened at a worse time," said Andrew Masterson, a partner with the Captain's Quarters Riverside Grill. "We missed Derby. We missed almost three weeks of business."

The restaurant took a big hit, racking up close to $400,000 in lost profits and damages.

"It's the risk we run of being on the river," said Masterson. "We take the good with the bad."

Back at Cunningham's, George says he now has a plan for the next time Harrods Creek turns bad.

"We will probably plan for the total worst situation," said George.

Brent George says it could take up to 10 more days before his restaurant will be up and running for business.

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