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Ride of Silence honors bicyclists killed while riding and raises awareness

Richard Heckler Richard Heckler
Ben Hall Ben Hall

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – As Summer approaches more and more cyclists will hit the streets, and with so many distractions out there a group of riders wants to remind drivers to share the road.

It is a loud message sent without any words. "Usually you see a group of cyclists riding and chatter and everything going on," said Richard Heckler, organizer of the Ride of Silence. "We will be riding in total silence."

The purpose of the Ride of Silence is to raise awareness and honor those that have been injured or killed on roadways.

Seeing the riders off was Sarah Colglazier. She was holding a picture of her brother Ben Hall, an avid mountain bike racer.

"He was attending the Tour of the Cannon Lands in Moab, Utah in April of 2004," said Colglazier.

She says a section of the race went through a campsite. "Some folks that were leaving the campsite left and ran into the pack of racers, injuring a few of them, and my brother was the only one that died," said Colglazier.

No charges were ever filed against the driver. "A spilt second you look at your phone, you look at your radio, a spilt second can make a difference," said Colglazier.

Through rides like this, cyclists hope to show drivers as well as police and city officials that they do have a right to be there doing what they love.

"Passion is the definitely the word," said Heckler. "We as cyclists understand our position and where we are suppose to be unfortunately most motorists don't understand."

Metro government and other organizations are working to make streets more bike friendly. Back in February, money raised from the "Share the Road" license plates was handed out to help make those streets safer.

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