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May 21, 2011: The end of the world?

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The end is near and it's a whole lot closer than you'd think. That's according to one religious group out of California. They're claiming Judgment Day and the end of the world will take place this weekend. Saturday, May 21 is when the non-profit group Family Radio, based in Oakland, California, says Judgment Day will arrive.

"Judgment Day May 21." It's an apocalyptic message appearing on billboards across the area. And according to Family Radio, the Bible guarantees it.

"This group is the latest in a long line of groups down through the centuries who have claimed to be able to predict when the rapture and judgment and the end of the world would come," said Susan Garrett, a professor of the New Testament at the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary.

Using Bible verses and complex biblical mathematics, Family claims a large earthquake will shake the world this weekend and the faithful will be taken into Heaven, followed by the destruction of the world.

"They combine certain verses of scripture in a novel way and based on that, have made this prediction," said Garrett, but she doesn't see it that way. "I'm much more convinced by the teaching in the new testament which insists that it's not our place to know the time of the end, but to live always in hope and in expectation and to live as people of faith who are living in the day and striving to do right and to let god take care of the timing."

We asked people if they thought the world will end on Saturday.

"No! No." Carol Griffin said.

"I don't see anything coming on Saturday," said Eric Semet. "Maybe I'll go and party, or have a good meal, but nothing is going to happen."

But if the group is correct and something does happen, Garrett says she'll just try to make her way through the chaos. But she says she's not worried that it's going to happen.

We called Family Radio and attempted to speak with someone about their prediction. An operator told us no one was available for comment.

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