Students learn kindness after Columbine

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – It's not quite the end of the school year, but the celebrations made it seem like it Friday at Meyzeek Middle School.

Cheers, confetti, and chain-linked paper lined the school, all representing one thing.

"We have over 6,000 individual sheets of paper that students have written good deeds or words of kindness on," said teacher Kim Van Stockum.

They're good deeds, for a good cause.  After each student did one, they'd put it on paper; a daily reminder of the good that's still out there.

"I went to sing for a nursing home," said 6th grader Katie Walker.

"My neighbor - I took out his recycling for him because he isn't able anymore," said 6th grader Sara Pierce.

"I also did things like I held the door opens coming in," said 6th grader Destinee Summers.

Friday came the bigger picture:  as the large chain of good deeds hugged the perimeter of the school.

The concept started after students heard the story of Rachel Scott.  She's one of the teens who were killed in the Columbine attacks 12 years ago.  A program during a fall 2010 program at the school shared her message with Meyzeek students.

"They found out things that were very touching, like she had told somebody that she had foreseen an early death and she wanted to spend her life doing good things and helping others and that's what we hope our kids at Meyzeek will do too," said Stockum.

It's a lesson students and staff also say is important in this day of increased bullying reports.

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