Investigating officer says Judy Green isn't Robin Hood

Judy Green
Judy Green
James Earhart
James Earhart
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson

By Elizabeth Donatelli - bio | email
Posted by Charles Gazaway - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Metro Councilwoman Judy Green was back in front of the ethics commission. Green is accused of misusing funds. James Earhart, the investigating officer, says Green, who got emotional several times at the hearing, is not Robin Hood.

Green (D-District 1) has been through this before, answering questions if she, an elected official, acted unethically. Her attorney says it was a mistake.

"It was not a mistake," countered Earhart. "It was simply a deliberate act to gain political advantage and that's what the ethics rules are to preclude."

The complaint stems from a $7,500 grant to the organization 100 Black Men. The original request was for $1,900, but the group then requested more and distributed that money to others like youth sports teams and a local church.

"$5,600 was used by Councilwoman Green to further her agenda and that agenda is to be benevolent, to be seen in public, to maintain office and to win and keep votes," said Earhart.

Her attorneys tried to show Green has little to no connection with the groups.  Still the problem remains that none of them were listed on the grant paperwork.

"I did not know that they had not been listed," said Green.

Green got emotional and explained why it is okay to pass money from one group to another.

"My understanding is that a 501-c3 can be used as a pass through to smaller organizations, particularly those that are not 501-c3," said Green tearing up on the stand.

The longest serving councilmember Dan Johnson, who is also chair of the Appropriations Committee, says he can't ever recall doing it.

One of the committee members asked: "Is that a pass through when the organization that receives a grant then gives money to other organizations? Is that a pass through?"

Johnson (D-District 21) replied, "No."

The committee will have ten days to make a decision after the judge makes his recommendation. The whole process could take about a month. The committee still has not ruled on her last complaint which was at the end of April.

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