Woman claims her service dog was attacked while at Metro Animal Services

Delores Cozart
Delores Cozart
Hope (Source: Delores Cozart)
Hope (Source: Delores Cozart)
University Hospital
University Hospital

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For 65-year-old Delores Cozart, her dog, Hope, is her constant companion. Cozart doesn't have any family and said Hope is all she has. Now Cozart says her service dog was attacked at Louisville Metro Animal Services while she was hospitalized.

"She is 7 years old, she likes fried potatoes and cabbage," said Cozart.

Cozart says Hope is a service dog. Cozart says she suffers from a number of health issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and vision problems.

"She helps me with my depression," said Cozart.

On May 11, Cozart ended up at University Hospital. She was in intensive care because of her blood pressure. Cozart says she was told that Hope couldn't stay with her, so nurses arranged for Hope to go to Metro Animal Services on Manslick Road.

"They promised the nurse they would take special care of her since she was a special case," said Cozart. "She wasn't supposed to be mixed with any dogs."

After being in the hospital for nine days, Cozart was released on Friday, May 20. She says the nurse went to pick up Hope from Louisville Metro Animal services and Hope was in trouble.

"Told me that a great big dog attacked Hope," said Cozart. "Tore her ear up and had to operate on her ear. And they took her eardrum which she'll be hard of hearing. And her face is going to be messed up."

Wanted to know how this could happen, so we went to Metro Animal Services. LMAS officials wouldn't go on camera, but they did confirm with us that Hope was brought to the agency. They say somehow Hope was attacked by another dog and her ear was injured.  Louisville Metro Animal Services added Hope is now being cared for by a veterinarian.

"I'm kind of angry and I think something should be done in case this happens to someone else's dog. It hurts," said Cozart.

In the meantime, Cozart has kept Hope's toys the way she left them.

"I just want to be here around her stuff, I think it's dirty what they did," said Cozart.

She's keeping hope that Hope will pull through.

"I'd rather be dead, she's the only thing I had," said Cozart.

Metro Animal Services say they are investigating Hope's case.

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