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Shelby County man accused of sexually abusing sisters

Det. Stacy Bruce Det. Stacy Bruce
Henry Telles Henry Telles

SHELBYVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A Shelby County man is behind bars accused of sexually abusing young girls he was living with. Police say the wife of 25-year-old Henry Telles was friends with the victims' mother for ten years and the abuse started more than a year ago.

"I was in Crimes Against Children for 10 years and this is one of the more serious cases that I've worked," said Detective Stacy Bruce of the Shelbyville Police Department.

Bruce says Telles started touching his wife's friend's daughters inappropriately back in April 2010. At the time, the girls, who were ages 13 and 9, lived down the street. Telles' wife babysat the girls while their mother was at work. Police say when the abuse first started, the younger girl told the babysitter what happened.

"She confronted him and he said I didn't do that, there's no truth to it," said Bruce. "A short time later he basically did the same thing to the 13-year-old."

Police say the couple was down on their luck, so the victims' mother invited them to move in with them in October.

"During the school week, the 10-year-old would sleep on the couch and she said that she could see something creeping through the living room and then the next thing she knew she was being sexually abused," said Bruce.

The older child tried to take matters into her own hands. "She put her own deadbolt lock on the door and the defendant picked the lock in order to get access to her," said Bruce.

Telles is charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse, three counts of sodomy, and one count of first degree rape. The more serious charges involve the younger girl.

Bruce says the abuse continued until this month when the younger victim confided in her older sister. Police say once the older child realized it was happening to both of the girls, she went to their mother.

Police also say Telles is in the country illegally. If he is convicted, he will serve his time in Kentucky and then after his sentence he will be deported.

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