Will trees in your yard withstand the next storm?

Jeffersonville, IN Courtesy: Matt McCutcheon
Jeffersonville, IN Courtesy: Matt McCutcheon

CINCINNATI (WXIX) - Dozens of trees were damaged or knocked down by Monday night's strong winds.

"I heard a snap and the house shuttered really hard," said Brian Trammell.

A 65-foot tree fell on Brian Trammell's College Hill home.

"I've seen 60-mile-per-hour winds at this house but it seem stronger to me, 75 to 80 potentially," said Trammell

Guy Fortner with Bartlett Tree Experts says the winds that knocked down the tree were at least 60 miles per hour. Fortner says a homeowner can look for three things to prevent a tree from damaging property.

1) For a tree that has two large stems connected to one trunk , it must have a  cable for support. The cable needs to be properly positioned 2/3 from the crotch of the tree.

2) If the ground is bulging up near the trunk of the tree, then the tree could be in danger of falling

3) Look for mushrooms or other shell like fungus are growing on the tree

The wet Spring has caused even more problems.

"The biggest thing we are having with the rain issues, to much rain fall this year is root failure and soil failure," said Fortner.

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