City leaders preparing for next round of severe weather

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LOISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - On Wednesday, Mayor Greg Fischer and Emergency Management Director Doug Hamilton outlined the city's proposed response to the threat of storms later tonight and urged residents to take the threat seriously.

Spring's Fury is refusing to give us a break. Now more severe weather is threatening Louisville once again, and the city is trying to get a head start on preparing for what could be a very stormy night ahead.

During a press conference late Tuesday morning Mayor Greg Fisher and Emergency Management Services Director Doug Hamilton talked about the city's plans of action if severe weather - and possibly tornados - hit Kentuckiana tonight.

With the recent deadly storms in Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas, the city wants to be prepared if indeed the worst should happen.

During Tuesday's press conference, Fischer and Hamilton urged people to have an emergency plan in place to deal with severe weather. They stressed the importance of taking cover in basements and storm cellars, and if you don't have a basement, the next best option is to seek shelter in an interior room with no windows or in a bathroom.

If you're caught outside during severe weather, make sure you get out of your car and find low- lying ground to shelter yourself. Hamilton advises against seeking shelter under highway overpasses.

If possible, purchase a weather alert radio that will sound an alarm if severe weather happens while you're sleeping. Or sign up for weather alerts on your cell phone.

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