Short circuit causes loud pop near sagging power lines and reporter's head

Posted By Mike Dever - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Now that the storms have ended, there are a lot of downed tree limbs and power lines. Never touch a downed power line and use extreme caution whenever tree branches are in contact with wires. Our own Bill Menish knows firsthand how important this advice is after a small explosion near sagging power lines overhead on live television this morning.

Power lines were down in Strathmoor Village and Bill was standing near a tree that had been toppled by high winds - the top of which was resting against high-tension power lines that were still intact.

Even as he was warning others to be careful about branches and power lines on the ground, a transformer just above and behind him exploded, giving him quite a jolt. Fortunately, he was only startled and was not hurt. He maintained his composure and professionalism. The first reaction was that a transformer had exploded, but it may have simply been a short circuit that caused a loud bang and a flash. In any case, the danger is real.

If you see downed power lines, assume they are live and do not approach or touch them, and do not touch limbs or any other debris anywhere near the downed line. Also, stay away from lines that are sagging, as well as meters that are loose or appear disconnected.

To report downed lines in your area, LG&E customers should call 502-589-3500 or toll free at 1-800-331-7370. Kentucky Utility customers should report downed lines at 800-981-0600. Remember - this is only to report downed lines, not to report your power is out.