University student robbed inside her apartment

Rachel Hobbs
Rachel Hobbs
Lt. Col. Kenneth Brown, University of Louisville Police
Lt. Col. Kenneth Brown, University of Louisville Police

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A University of Louisville student and her friend were robbed at knife point inside an apartment complex near the school. Police say two men found the weapons inside the apartment. One of the victims said it was a very scary experience, but she and her friend were not hurt.

The Province Apartments are on the northwest side of campus located in the 600 block of Ruggles Place.

"The Province is pretty safe considering where it is located in Louisville," said Rachel Hobbs, a Province Apartments resident.

Hobbs said she generally feels safe there.

"The only problem is that people can just come in whenever they want to because we don't have a gate, we don't have guards or anything," said Hobbs.

But on the night of May 24, two young men walked right into a third floor apartment and took what they wanted.

"They went to the kitchen area and armed themselves with kitchen knives," said Lt. Col. Kenneth Brown, assistant chief of the University of Louisville Police. "(It's the) first case I've heard where somebody breaks in and then arms themselves."

The victim says one of the men held a knife to the throat of one of the women and demanded their phones. The police report valued the stolen property at $900.

The victim says their friend was heading over, so they left the door unlocked.

"As an announcement to anybody whether it's on campus or off campus, keep your doors locked," said Brown.

Province is not a UofL property, but University Police patrol the area, saying most calls are for loud parties.

"We've had some items stolen over there and we've had some apartments where we've had a breaking or two, but by far nothing serious such as this has happened," said Brown.

A spokesperson for the Province had "no comment" on the situation or increasing future security.

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