Metro Louisville cleans up from storm damage

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- Here in the Metro , once again we are counting our blessings.

We did have some large trees uprooted, damage to homes and thousands lost power. But it could have been so much worse.

The smack of heavy rain and dark clouds continued to roll through the area Thursday afternoon. The day after powerful storms ripped across the Metro.

A huge tree laying in her yard is what Betty Lewis and her husband saw after the storm moved on.

"It is a red oak tree and it's very old." Lewis said. "It may have been struck by lightning, or it was just tired and just laid down."

Lewis and her husband took shelter in a neighbor's basement to ride out the storm.

"But, when we came upstairs and looked across the street, there it was. Lying down in my front yard." She said.

Lewis said she and her husband wondered if they'd be able to get back into their home. She says she and her husband had to crawl over and under the tree. Luckily it damaged just the gutter and no one was hurt.

"I'm very lucky." Lewis said as she looked at the massive tree split in two and sprawled across her lawn.

It was the same story in the Black Mud neighborhood. Sherman Dotson was watching television last night when he heard the winds pick up outside.

"About 10 minutes into the wind, we heard this crash and came back in the back yard and this is what it was."> Dotson said. He wasn't hurt, but the damage to his garage and around his home, from this tree was extensive.

"I thought it damaged a lot more than what I even thought last night." Dotson said.

In Lyndon, we saw crews picking up the pieces and working to clear storm debris from Blue Vale way. And another crew working on power lines on New LaGrange Road.

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