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Volunteers lend a hand as Bedford residents continue cleanup from tornado

Angela Watson Angela Watson

BEDFORD, IN (WAVE) - Less than two days after a EF-2 tornado ripped through Bedford, Indiana, residents, family and volunteers continue to clean up. For some, the piles of debris that used to be their homes are the only things left after the storm that flattened some houses and left others severely damaged.

Virginia Sowders is among those who lost their home. The 81-year-old in the hospital recovering after her family said bricks fell on her back and hit her in the head as the storm rolled through. Friday, family and volunteers from across the state were in Bedford sifting through whatever they can as they look for mementos, photos or whatever they can find to get life back to normal. The people who are cleaning up say it's the spirit of the volunteers that are helping them get through it.

She was one of the people helping Friday afternoon.

"I think it's pretty amazing," said Angela Watson of Nineveh, Indiana. Everyone. A lot of it's family, friends, relatives everywhere. Just people coming from everywhere to help."

Watson, who is Sowders' niece, was collecting family photos and other personal things from the rubble.

"Today, we're trying to pick up al the big pieces. When we get past all the big pieces, sift through all the small stuff, find pictures," Watson said.

Watson just got into town Friday morning to help her family. She told us, "This is what you do for family."

A large open space surrounded by cinder blocks ripped in half by ferocious winds is all that's left of her aunt's mobile home. Her cousin's house next door was severely damaged by the EF-2 tornado on Wednesday night.

"It's pretty overwhelming," Watson said.

The winds of 120+ miles-per-hour were strong enough to flip a truck across the street and scatter people's entire lives like confetti.

As the power crews worked hard Friday fixing Mother Nature's mess, the volunteers from across the Hoosier state and region doing whatever they can to help.

"When you drive by and see it, it almost makes you want to stop and help anyway. When we came down the road, and kept going, it was a total shock," Watson said. "So I just hope a lot of people that drive by see this and are willing to come and help."

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