KY Senate president details pay issue

FRANKFORT, KY (AP) - Kentucky Senate President and Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams is offering further details into why he is not directly reimbursing the state treasury for pay during an unusual idle period in March.

Williams, along with House Speaker Greg Stumbo, say they made alternative arrangements for the pay they received during a two-week period when the House and Senate were in limbo. Many other state lawmakers have simply reimbursed the treasury for the pay.

Williams told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he has opted to work without pay for 13 days when he is in Frankfort during the legislative interim, a move that lets the state save more money by avoiding Social Security or retirement contributions.

Stumbo said last week that he gave his wages to charities.

In a press release dated May 11, Senator Tim Shaughnessy, D-Louisville, announced that he has fulfilled his obligation of returning pay that he received for the veto days.

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