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911 call released in shooting of Phoenix man


The 911 call made by Elvira Fernandez regarding her son sheds some light on what Phoenix police officers Richard Chrisman and Sergio Virgillo were about to encounter on Oct. 5, the day Chrisman shot and killed Fernandez's son, Daniel Rodriguez.

Below is a portion of that 911 call:

Fernandez: "My son is… (inaudible)… come home last last and he's real violent and he's throwing things around the house and he's hurting my dog."
911 Operator: "He's throwing things now?"
Fernandez: "Yeah, you know, he's just real violent. I'm afraid he's going to hurt me. He's hurt me before."
Fernandez: "I hate to do this, but I.. I'm just afraid for my life." Fernandez told the 911 operator her 29-year-old son had already busted a hole in her wall.

She remained calm but was clearly crying as she expressed her concern.

What happened after the officers arrived resulted in Chrisman being charged with second-degree murder for shooting and killing Rodriguez. Chrisman claims he feared for his life. Police and prosecutors believe Chrisman assaulted Rodriguez and shot him without cause.

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