After slight dip, fuel prices climbing again

By Mike Dever - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Although Kentuckiana was for the most part spared from Memorial Day fuel price increases, prices were rising again on Wednesday.

Both Thorntons and Meijer sent cell phone text alerts within minutes of each other on June 1 to warn drivers that prices would soon be increasing.

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Depending on where you live in Kentuckiana, the price for a gallon of gas could soon be at or above $4.

One of our Facebook fans says the price at the Speedway is now $4.05 at the Speedway at Westport and Lyndon Lane.

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A viewer from Scottsburg emailed to tell us the price at the Speedway in Scottsburg jumped to $4.15 while noting that prices at other stations were still around $3.73.

Everyone wants to know why - including Attorney General Jack Conway.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has filed a lawsuit against wholesale gasoline supplier Marathon Oil - which supplies fuel to most of Kentucky's gas stations - on May 13. The suit accuses Marathon of price gouging.

The attorney general says Marathon Oil illegally raised gas prices by $.30 in the wake of severe storms in April.

Conway's office also asked for a temporary injunction against wholesale gasoline supplier Marathon Oil, accusing the company of price gouging or raising prices during a state of emergency for something other than Marathon's costs. Judge Thomas Wingate denied that request on May 25, has not issued a final ruling on the suit.

Attorneys for Marathon Oil called an expert to testify during hearings in May who said pump prices fluctuate all the time because of spot market prices and prices in nearby areas. Attorney Barry Hunter said the state did not prove there was a direct link between rising gas prices and flooding.

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