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Father: Video shows IU student in altercation with men

Lauren Spierer (Source: Facebook) Lauren Spierer (Source: Facebook)
Robert Spierer Robert Spierer
Roman Yampolskiy Roman Yampolskiy
Computers and discs seized by police from Lauren Spierer's apartment building Computers and discs seized by police from Lauren Spierer's apartment building

BLOOMINGTON, IN (WAVE) – The New York newspaper that serves the hometown of a missing Indiana University student reported Wednesday night that video footage from security cameras at Lauren Spierer's apartment shows her and several men in an argument the morning she disappeared. Bloomington Police have not confirmed the report, but Robert Spierer, Lauren's father, reportedly told the Journal News the video does show his daughter and a male she was with in some kind of altercation with a group of other men at the Smallwood apartments.

Besides the video, police also took three hard drives from the apartment that may offer new clues to the argument captured by security cameras and Spierer's disappearance.

"They may be looking for any type of Google search she performed or any websites she visited, blog posts, Facebook messages or Twitter," explained Roman Yampolskiy, the director of cyber security at the University of Louisville.

Yampolskiy says searches for addresses or a possible ongoing email argument could link Spierer to someone, a relationship, a suspect or even offer a possible motive.

"They're trying to create a list of persons of interest any possible suspects, anyone who maybe messaged her recently, who e-mailed her something or invited her to a location," Yampolskiy told WAVE 3 News.

Yampolskiy says sites like Internet Evidence Finder can also aid authorities by helping speed up the digital investigation, tools that can find hidden folders and information that can be quickly compiled without manually going through thousands of files.

"Most of us have our whole life on the computer," he explained, "Everything you do is recorded somewhere on some database, you can certainly figure out where I am by looking at my digital life."

Bloomington police have said they believe foul play is involved in Lauren Spierer's disappearance.

Robert Spierer also told the New York paper he has spoken with several of his daughter's friends, except for the young man who was with her early Friday morning.

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