Kentucky employers now have access to new hiring tool

From the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet

FRANKFORT, KY – Kentucky employers now have a new human resources decision-making tool. Supported by partners in Kentucky's workforce system, the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a work-related skills credential that will help ensure job seekers are qualified for certain types of jobs by the level of certificate they obtain.

"Now more than ever, Kentucky businesses need a strong, skilled workforce to overcome today's challenges," said Gov. Steve Beshear. "By taking the guesswork out of hiring, this certificate will serve as a valuable tool for Kentucky employers in making employment and training decisions."

Because of its value to the business community, Kentucky's Office of Employment Training has partnered with the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce on the NCRC. Each certificate that is earned is signed by Gov. Beshear and Kentucky Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Dave Adkisson.

"We believe this will be a very useful tool in helping companies across the Commonwealth select the most qualified employees for their workforce," said Adkisson. "We're proud to partner with the Office of Employment and Training on this initiative."

The WorkKeys assessments that make up the NCRC reveal a person's work-readiness level in the form of a silver, gold or platinum certification. Subjects covered on the three-test battery include applied mathematics, reading for information and locating information.

Kentuckians looking to improve their work readiness or advance at work, including high school juniors and seniors, can take the three WorkKeys assessments at more than 100 sites across Kentucky.

Businesses can boost their bottom line by giving interview preference to prospective employees who have an NCRC or by requiring a certain level of NCRC for employment. By requiring a certain level of NCRC to apply for available jobs, employers can be more confident the person they select for the job is a good fit.

The certificate can also increase productivity through turnover prevention and promotion selection. By using NCRC, employers can give their current and future workforce incentive to improve their skills to be eligible for more demanding and lucrative work.

On June 9 Beth Brinly, commissioner of the Department of Workforce Investment in Kentucky's Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, presented the first NCRC earned in Kentucky to Emily Barron of Richmond. Barron, a student in Kentucky Adult Education's Madison County program, earned a gold certificate.

"This program is valued by both employers and employees in helping identify and recognize existing skill levels and skill gaps in the workforce," said Brinly. "I am excited to present the first Kentucky-issued National Career Readiness Certificate to Ms. Barron, as it will serve her as a recognizable and transferable credential in her future job searches."

NCRC is a division of ACT, the college-readiness test given in Kentucky and other states. Employers and job seekers can sign up for the program at For more information about the NCRC, go to

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