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UofL 6% tuition and housing cost increase approved

Anthony Devore Anthony Devore
Manny Urguilla Manny Urguilla
Dr. James Ramsey Dr. James Ramsey
Douglas Bonomo Douglas Bonomo

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - College costs across the country and here in Kentucky are on the rise. On June 9, the University of Louisville Board of Trustees approved an increase that means students will be paying 6% more for tuition and housing.

The move will cost undergraduate in-state students about $500 more a year in tuition. A 6% increase in housing was also approved on top of some new fees, including a $98 a semester fee for a student recreation center.

News spread quickly across campus that the temperature wasn't the only thing on the rise.

"It's pretty tough. Tuition keeps rising. It's getting harder and harder to go to school," high school senior Anthony Devore said.

Devore and Manny Urquilla are part of a summer program at the university. They were already worried about paying for college.

"It will be tough. If I don't get scholarships I'll have to work, and it will be tough to balancea work and school at the same time," Urquilla said.

UofL has had 11 state budget cuts in the past 11 years costing them almost $150 million.

"We've done everything we can do in terms of cost management and savings," President James Ramsey said.

Dr. Ramsey says hiking costs is the only option to stay competitive.

"The University of Louisville has been given a mandate to be a premier institution. We need to grow our undergraduate programs and our research programs," he said.

Pay for faculty and staff is also growing. After a three year salary freeze, they'll all get a 3% raise. Even though it comes at a time when tuition is going up, students don't seem to mind.

"Rising inflation, I sort of expected the pay increase. It's still in-state so a lot cheaper than going somewhere else," student Douglas Bonomo said.

Dr. Ramsey said they're sensitive to the burden the higher cost will have on some students. The new budget also puts $1.5 million more into financial aid to help students and parents.

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