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Mayor details new city wide alert system to Rubbertown area residents

Mayor Greg Fischer Mayor Greg Fischer
March 21, 2011 March 21, 2011

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Communication problems and chaos, that's what city leaders and Rubbertown residents are trying to prevent. Those neighbors are upset after a deadly plant explosion back in March.

Mayor Greg Fischer has proposed in his budget that $500,000 go into a new alert system. It's a system that will be open to everyone, but especially those in the Rubbertown area, where questions still loom.

Back on March 21st, two men lost their lives at Carbide Industries and a community was left in a state of chaos.

"Since then there's been a lot of teamwork," said Fischer. "You saw it here, there has been a lot of cooperation, civil dialogue that's going to result in something that is going to help the community."

Now Fischer is making strides to replace an old call-in hotline, with new updated features.

"It is important to have choices so we can push it to a land line a telephone line, cell phone line, text messages, email," said Fischer.

Folks who live near Rubbertown came armed with questions. "When we call the new system it is going to get a lot of calls at one time," said a Rubertown resident. "Will the system be able to handle that?" City leaders responded that it would.

Others still have their concerns. "When people are not immediately affected by the issue, sometimes there are things that they miss, so bringing us in on the end of it, saying we have four companies we are reviewing and we are about to sign a contract, that's not transparent enough for me," said Eboni Cochran a neighborhood activist.

At the public meeting it was decided that once a contract is signed for the new alert system it will be presented to those in the Rubbertown area. This is all in an effort of avoiding another communication breakdown.

The alert system is expected to be up and running in August.

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