Robert Branham of Louisa, KY found and arrested

ASHLAND, KY (WAVE) - Kentucky State Police located Robert Branham at Danco Fuels in Johnson County, KY around 1:24 hours today. Branham had seen his name on a newscast and contacted the Kentucky State Police. He agreed to meet with Detective Ben Cramer and a Post 9 Pikeville Trooper at the Danco Fuels in Johnson County. Upon arrival, Troopers discovered an outstanding Boyd County traffic warrant against Branham and we was arrested by the Post 9 Trooper and taken the Big Sandy Regional Jail.

On June 11th, around 6 p.m., Braham's spouse, Laura Branham, received a text message from her husband's cell phone with the following text: " Your man has gotten exactly what he deserves, he is at the mouth of 645, sorry for your loss".  Later when the Kentucky State Police contacted AT&T, they discovered his cell phone was actually "pinging"  in the area of Torchlight Road (near KY 645). This is what prompted the State Police to coordinate with other agencies to initiate a search.

The investigation is still ongoing into the incident. 

 (Source: Kentucky State Police News Release)