Police arrest suspect in 12-year-old's shooting

Michael R. Bishop (source: Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)
Michael R. Bishop (source: Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police have arrested the man they say is responsible for shooting a 12-year-old boy Monday night. Michael R. Bishop, 56, is charged with attempted murder.

Witnesses say it happened just before 10 p.m. June 13. Police say a call came into dispatch from the 7700 block of Kendrick Crossing Lane that a 12-year old boy had been shot.

Police say a group of 5 to 6 kids were playing a game commonly known as "ding, dong, ditch", where you ring a door bell and run away.

According to an arrest slip, the group of kids were playing in 56-year-old Michael Bishop's yard on Hall Farm Drive. Police say Bishop came out of his house, stood on the front porch racked his shotgun and fired in the direction of the kids.

12-year-old Jacob Eberle was shot. Neighbors Eberle was wounded in the back and shoulder area.

"Apparently even the night before there were some complaints about some kids knocking on door ringing doorbells," said LMPD Spokesman Dwight Mitchell. "It's been going on for years, some of you may have done it."

"I did that as a kid and nobody shot me," said neighbor John Buffat. "They'd shake their fist at me."

Next door neighbor Jim Natsis told WAVE 3 News he was inside his home when he realized Eberle was injured. He says the boy had buckshot in his back and was put in a neck brace before being loaded into an ambulance.

LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell says the boy's injuries were not life-threatening.

Bishop's posted his $10,000 bond and his court date was set for June 15. He's been ordered not to have any weapons.

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