Dozens of truck tips in search for Indiana student

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BLOOMINGTON, IN (WAVE) - Investigators are looking into dozens of leads about a pickup truck that was spotted near the last known location of 20-year-old Lauren Spierer, the IU student who hasn't been seen since June 3.

Bloomington police Capt. Joe Qualters said Thursday the department has received nearly 300 tips in the day since the release of security camera images of the truck, with the vast majority of them regarding the vehicle.

Police say that truck drove around a city block in the area about the time Lauren was walking toward her apartment about 4:30 a.m. June 3 after a night out with friends.

Qualters referred to an aerial map of downtown Bloomington when talking about the timeline of Lauren's disappearance. He did mention that the times are not exact but are based on the timeframes listed on video surveillance from businesses.

"At 1:46 a.m., we know that Lauren entered Kilroy's sports bar, and less than 45 minutes later, we have her exiting at 2:27 a.m.," Qualters said as he referred to the map. He says she entered the Smallwood Plaza apartments between 8th Street and 9th Street on College at 2:30 a.m. and left it at 2:42 a.m.

He then referred to the North-South alley at West 10th Street.

"We have Lauren entering the North-South alley between these two apartment complexes at 2:48 a.m.," Qualters said, adding that she left the alley at 2:51 a.m. and headed toward an empty lot.

"From there, we rely on witness statements or statements of individuals to provide the rest of the timeline that at this point cannot be documented," Quarrels said, adding that she entered an apartment on West 11th Street.

"The final location that we know where Lauren was seen, based on witness statements and/or individuals, would be at ... the intersection of 11th and College, and that time is approximated to be 4:30 a.m."

Qualters says investigators are hopeful that information from the tips will help find the truck and determine whether it was involved in Spierer's disappearance.

Lauren's father, Robert, again thanked everyone involved in the search, including local businesses who have been extending discounts to volunteers searching for his daughter. He also noted that America's Most Wanted plans to run another segment on Lauren's disappearance on Saturday, June 18.

Charlene Spierer, Lauren's mother, made a plea to anyone who has information that has not come forward. Holding a still picture of Lauren taken hours before she vanished, Charlene said: "This could be you. This could be you going out on a night with your friends to just have a good time and be happy."

She continued: "I'm begging you. Put yourself in Lauren's place. What would you want your friends to do for you? And I can tell you 100 percent without question that if this were a friend of Lauren's, and if Lauren had information that would help us find her friend, she would have been here yesterday.... Please come forward and please bring us that information that's going to help us find Lauren and bring her home."

Anyone with information should call Bloomington police at 812-339-4477 or the America's Most Wanted tipline at 1-800-CRIME-TV. Tipsters can also email information to

All tips are anonymous.

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