Police, volunteers hope to keep Black Expo safe

source: WTHR
source: WTHR

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Hundreds of volunteers and police officers will fan out in downtown Indianapolis at this year's Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration in hopes of preventing violence like that which marred last year's event.

Public Safety Director Frank Straub told The Indianapolis Star that 25 community affairs officers, who are trained to work with youths, will be among the 275 uniformed officers and 300 church volunteers working the last two nights of the Expo, which begins July 7.

Three shootings injured 10 people downtown on the Expo's last weekend in 2010. A community task force found that teenagers were being dropped off in downtown Indianapolis and left unattended.

This year, Black Expo will host all youth-related events at the Indiana Convention Center so it can keep families together at the downtown facility.

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