Louisville woman survives lightning strike

Almeta Davis
Almeta Davis

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Valley Station woman is alive to tell her story. During Sunday morning's severe weather, Almeta Davis says she was using her cell phone to capture the moment. Instead, she got a little bit more than she was expecting. She says she was hit by lightning.

"You could see the storm coming over the trees were bent," said Almeta Davis.

Davis says she never thought taking a picture would give her a shock of a lifetime.

"Had my hand out the door and I snapped a picture," said Davis. "As soon as I snapped the picture the lightning came through and hit my hand."

Davis says the jolt knocked her right off her feet. She immediately went to the hospital..

"The entry point is right here," said Davis. "All up here and across the back is first degree burns. There is still numbness from my elbow down."

Davis's husband, Jeff Davis, is still in disbelief. He realizes it could have been a lot worse.

"They said I was very lucky to be alive," said Almeta Davis.

"They kept her in the hospital for a few hours and made sure it didn't affect the heart," said Jeff Davis.

Despite Mother Nature roughing Davis up, her passion for photography continues.

"Would I do it again?," asked Almeta Davis. "Probably so, just to take pictures!"

Davis says they've been without power all day. She plans on going back to the doctor Monday.

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