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Sportsdrome crash injures 4; Eyewitness recalls crash

Courtesy: Cydney Miller Courtesy: Cydney Miller
Courtesy: Sportsdrome Courtesy: Sportsdrome
Mike Gibson Mike Gibson

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A crash at the Sportsdrome in Clarksville, Indiana on June 18 left four people injured and it was all caught on tape. As we learn more about the crash and its aftermath, we talked exclusively with an eyewitness who said he was just feet away from where the crash happened.

"I live for racing. Love it," said the eyewitness, who asked not to be identified. "It gets your adrenaline rushing."

It was a Saturday night like any other. People were enjoying the cars speeding around the track at the Sportsdrome Speedway in Clarksville. But just before 10 p.m., something went terribly wrong when four drivers were vying for one position.

"It was just a tragic accident," the witness said. "That's all it really was."

Video of the crash, recorded by a company called Twisted Metal, was provided to WAVE 3 courtesy of the Sportsdrome. A WAVE 3 viewer, Cydney Miller, also sent us video of the crash. In one of the videos, you can see one of the cars as it was hit. The car went up and it slid down the guardrail and slammed into a restricted pit area where volunteers and workers were standing. In that same video, you can see paramedics and others rushing to the racecar. In another video, you see the car as it went into the restricted pit area, injuring four people.

"I thought I was going to be looking at a bunch of dead people," the eyewitness said. "That's what I thought."

The eyewitness said he saw the racecar coming and missed the landing by mere feet. He told us a lot of his friends thought he was going to be dead. One person was hit by the car and another was pinned underneath; two others were hurt. Mike Gibson, the track promoter, said the men didn't see the car coming until the last minute.

"When they're racing in one direction, you stand on one side. When you race in the other direction, you stand on the other side. That would be your biggest safety thing of that," Gibson said.

According to Gibson, the track has been in operation for 65 years and has a good safety record. He said this was one of the worst crashes he has seen at the Sportsdrome in 25 years.

"We want to promote safety to our employees, to our fans, and to our drivers," Gibson said.

The driver was able to walk away from the crash and Gibson said no fans were hurt. Gibson says the fan section is at least 25 feet from the track and is protected by several fences and guardrails. However, the eyewitness to this crash says more should be done to protect the pit area.

"I think they need to put in concrete walls or make something be able to put in the pit gate," The eyewitness said.

"We'll take the area to where one person," Gibson said, "Which is the employee that works there. Where he'll stand. He'll probably stand back and there's another area there where they can stand back behind a guardrail barrier." Gibson said.

Gibson said two of the four people injured, two track volunteers, are still in the hospital. The person pinned under the car has a broken pelvic bone and the other volunteer has internal bleeding. Gibson said the other two are at home with bumps and bruises.

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