Police say woman helped inmate who escaped through ceiling

Ashley Tussey appears in court Wednesday
Ashley Tussey appears in court Wednesday
Surveillance Video from the Hall of Justice (source: JCSD)
Surveillance Video from the Hall of Justice (source: JCSD)
Tyranni Fleming
Tyranni Fleming

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police are scouring the city for signs of a inmate on the run and now they say he had help from his girlfriend breaking free from custody.

Neighbors say there was a complicated relationship between the two.

"He had a lot of baby mama drama and stuff like that going on between him and the girlfriend and it was a lot of commotion," said Tyranni Fleming of her neighbors, 19-year-old Ashley Tussey and 19-year-old Laterrious Bell.

Police say there was a lot more than commotion going on inside their apartment near the Newburg neighborhood than Fleming could ever know.

We noticed that when we tried to talk to Tussey. Her door was broken in.

Police say she used the apartment to hide Bell just minutes after his daring escape from custody.

"I think it's outrageous," Fleming said. "I've never heard about anybody going through a ceiling and I think it was pretty bold of him to be honest."

Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies say Bell was waiting in a holding room for a judge Tuesday when he pushed up a welded grate in the ceiling and crawled to freedom.

"When you do something and you do a crime, you gotta follow the rules, you gotta pay the time," Fleming said.

Deputies say after Bell's break for freedom, Tussey picked him up, hid him in her apartment and then lied to police when they came looking for him.

She's now locked up in Metro Corrections. He's still on the run and Fleming is worried about what Bell may do while he's out.

"I'm just concerned about while he's on the run, what he's doing to keep himself together, you know, for money," she said. "Is he out here committing other crimes to stay afloat?"

Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies say they haven't made any changes to policy or how they operate at the courts after Bell escaped.

They want anyone with info on where Bell is to call their reward tip line at 582-CLUE.  They'll pay up to $1000 for tips leading to an arrest.

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