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Lawsuit filed after man says he was beat up by LMPD officers

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Shawn Gellhaus Shawn Gellhaus
Thomas Clay Thomas Clay

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Last June, Shawn Gellhaus says he was playing basketball with some friends at Moore High School right before police were called there after he started acting strange. Now Gellhaus is taking action because of their response saying he was attacked.

"I got really hot and I decide to take every bit of my clothes off," said Gellhaus. That's what Gellhaus told WAVE 3 in an interview one year ago, after he says he was beaten up by Metro Police.

Gellhaus' attorney Thomas Clay says the then 19-year-old was not on drugs or alcohol. "I have talked to a health care professional who I believe he is experienced in forensic pathology and he has indicated to me that this is a classic symptom of heat stroke," said Clay.

Police were called and what happened next, Clay says is unacceptable.

"The way police handled the situation will raise issues about whether they overreacted and applied excessive force," said Clay.

Now Gellhaus is suing saying police slammed him to the ground and repeatedly punched, choked, kicked him.  The lawsuit goes on to state he was placed in a mask and thrown in a cop car.

"He was totally unarmed and really was just out there acting out this heat stroke," said Clay.

His injuries were visible days later.

"They end up putting me in handcuffs and I'm sitting there hog-tied like this and they me if I wiggle anymore they're going to rape me, straight up, that's what they told me," said Gellhaus in June 2010.  "As soon as they said that, I started freaking out. I just tried to pull out of these handcuffs as much as I can."

Gellhaus is seeking a jury trial and damages. LMPD would not comment on ongoing legal matters.

Gellhaus lawsuit against Louisville Metro Police

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