Business owner turns to WAVE to track down illegal junk dumper

Leon Figa explains the problem
Leon Figa explains the problem

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Mounds of trash are piling up all around Metro Louisville, the result of illegal dumping.

Just about a month ago, police arrested a man after they say he dumped junk at an abandoned property in West Louisville.

A Louisville property owner says it's been a problem on his property for years and it costs him every time, but this time he has a lead on who's doing it and his family contacted us on Facebook, asking us to try to get some answers.

A little bit of everything, you can now find it on Leon Figa's industrial property near Downtown Louisville.

"Old sofas, carpeting, tennis shoes, clothing," Figa said. "I would call it nasty. It's dirty, filthy. It's wet from rain but we have to deal with it. That's all there is to it."

Figa says people have been illegally dumping junk on the property for a long time.

"They don't necessarily come at two, three o'clock in the morning," he said. "They'll come at three o'clock in the afternoon, which seems like a normal time to dump something off."

This time, it's different.

"Fortunately this time when they left the load, they left information as to where this trash came from."

Mail left at the dump site shows an address: "2506 Grand Avenue," Figa said.

Now he has questions for the owner of that property

"Did you pay a man to haul this away?" he wants to know. "How much did you give him and why did you haul it on this man's property instead of taking it to the proper facility that handles trash?"

So we went to ask but nobody answered the door. However, late Wednesday, the property owner called and said she had paid someone to haul the junk off her rental property and dispose of it properly. That didn't happen.

"If they go, maybe, to Merriwether, they're going to charge them a few dollars, they'd rather keep the money and dump it here and they know that I'll, since we own the property and I manage it, they know that we'll load it up, we're responsible, take it there just to keep the site cleaned," Figa said.

Figa says Metro Police are trying their best to do what they can to cut down on the dumping even sometimes having an officer sit near the property on patrol.

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